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Safty Tips

Any water Damage

Dropped your mobile in Water  "Don't  think, we will do it later", electronics & water are enemy, it will destroy your mobile & valuable contents

Don’t leave a charger plugged in overnight


Avoid leaving your phone charging unattended, particularly overnight. 

While your phone is clever enough to stop taking a charge once the battery is full, a problem may occur if the charger itself overheats, especially if left on a flammable surface. 

Never charge a wet phone

Charging a smartphone immediately after it has got wet during rains is not recommended. If not water, moisture might create low-level short circuit at the charging port. Always be sure to check that the smartphone is absolutely dry before charging. This rule also applies when the smartphone has been inside sweaty pant pockets for some time.

Do not use while charging

If you keep using your phone while charging it, it will become prone to overheating – a problem that could cause the harmful chemicals present in the battery to leak, which could cause the battery to explode or the phone could switch off permanently.